Sunday, February 21, 2016

The absence of MaKOM

One cannot deny it, the absence of MaKOM is always already rising up against its own ShaMaYiM, (SKY) and like a dream it will continue to veil it.
But in this time, 
it is at once a real engagement, 
a committed dwelling with Angels. 
In a curious way, therefore, we can argue that when EReTz allows its Promise to exist in repetition, it allows at the same time, the process of violence to become a repetitive ritual.
But we also know that violence leads to a territory of abjection, and deliberate rejection. 
And yet, one should remember............ EReTz is also a place where each and every individual human's knee gets its meaning by references to the absence of MaKOM..........................This is undoubtedly a prolonged procession of an infinite symbolic funeral; namely, an endless procession with the same funeral elements.
This is what the doubling of EReTz designated,
the sum-total of Measurement in MOED (appointed time). 
Here then, as we cross the border which separates EReTz from GaLUT; as we journey from the sacred into the profane, the action of Measurement is becoming a symbolic breathing in reverse. 
We have already called it, "Reading while Writing"; A desire to be a resident of GaLUT and at the same time to dwell with angels.
At this moment, "Reading while Writing" is neither ahead of EReTz nor behind GaLUT, by now it is an uncontrolled, unstable vibration which comes together with the residents of EReTz obsession to retell about the inconclusive hope to fulfill the promise of GaLUT. 
This then is the experience and the results of dwelling in EReTz, a state of mind which forms the unique illusion of being in a prolonged state of BEN HaShMaShOT (AUGENBLICK).

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