Friday, March 4, 2016

When a name becomes a place 1987 Amsterdam (When a name becomes a place), 1985

When a name becomes a place, 1987
Brass, bronze 30 x 520 Cm.

The MeNORaH, (the seven branched candleholder) has been left with its pouring cup, and the system of sprues, as they were at the moment of casting.

Drawing of the (original) MeNORaH, made by RaMBaM / Maimonides (1138-1204), in the Oxford manuscript of 'Commentary to the Mishnah' (Menachot ch. 3)
Please note:
the MeNORaH depicted on the Arch of Titus, Rome, should be explained as the image of the wax sprues which were attached to the positive replica of the original MeNORaH. 
Therefore, the seven branched candleholder depicted on the Arch, is as a matter of fact, a representation of the wax rods, the treelike wax spures which were added to the positive replica of the MeNORaH before the casting.
It is crucial to remember, that the sprues are removed after the casting, and the object is polished.

The Arch of Titus, Via Sacra, Rome

This is what the doubling of MaKOM designating, 
the sum-total of Measurement in MOED.
And in so far as the doubling of MaKOM is a projection of itself, 
the promise which has been made in GaLUT is the rule, much rather than the exception. This is most obvious, GaLUT is a written text, a readable but a concealed architectural plan, a repetitive gesture for which purpose is to over come the absence of MaKOM.

Please note: the word  מועד MOED in Hebrew means - Appointed time, Specific time, Specific date ; Commemorative date. 

(When a name becomes a place), 1985
Bronze, brass, walking stick (...for blind person),
20 x 70 x 105 Cm.

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