Sunday, February 21, 2016

Echo / Echo, Kunst in Kirchen Raum geben, Hannover, Germany 1993

Echo / Echo, Kunst in Kirchen Raum geben, Hannover, Germany 1993

Echo / Echo is a site specific art work in memory of the synagogue which was built next to the Ev.- Luth. Neustädter Hof- und Stadtkirche St. Johannis, Hannover.

The main synagogue of Hannover was destroyed during the Kristallnacht pogrom, 10.11.1938. The main synagogue of Hannover, architect: the German-Jewish Edwin Oppler (1831-80), inaugurated 1870.

Echo / Echo I, Please note: Echo / Echo I in the clock tower has vanished, it has yet to be found. In the clock tower of the Ev.- Luth. Neustädter Hof- und Stadtkirche St. Johannis Hannover
Bronze, (in bronze casted, 36 ShOFaROT, ram's horn used for Jewish religious purposes) Height 600 cm

Echo / Echo II, (In the proximity of the Church)
4 x steel plates (The form is based on the ground plan of a synagogue), Bronze, Height 75 cm.
This art work is located outside the Church, in front of the Church Office, Landeskirchenamt Hannover. The administrative center of the Luth. Church of Hanover has been built upon the area of the destroyed Synagogue in 1954.

Please note: At a certain time it has been decided to change the location of Echo / Echo II, to the back side of the Church. A strange decision by the city.

Situation February 2016

Vincent van Gogh: 1887 A pair of Boots

Here's something to chew on: ..........when studying the painting 'A pair of Boots' made by Vincent van Gogh in 1887; we can easily detect the form of יהשוה : Hereafter, we should recall the form and the meaning of Tetragrammaton יהוה
And then, we must read Giovanni Pico della Mirandola "Nomen JESU" ( particular the 14th and the 15th theses) > After all, Pico della Mirandola was no doubt, the inventor of the concept of יהשוה Pentagrammaton

Please note: ...on the top left hand side of the painting, we can see the image of the three crosses standing at Golgotha, i,e., The Three Calvary Crosses......" And they brought him to the place called Golgotha, which means Place of the Skull". (Mark 15)

The absence of MaKOM

One cannot deny it, the absence of MaKOM is always already rising up against its own ShaMaYiM, (SKY) and like a dream it will continue to veil it.
But in this time, 
it is at once a real engagement, 
a committed dwelling with Angels. 
In a curious way, therefore, we can argue that when EReTz allows its Promise to exist in repetition, it allows at the same time, the process of violence to become a repetitive ritual.
But we also know that violence leads to a territory of abjection, and deliberate rejection. 
And yet, one should remember............ EReTz is also a place where each and every individual human's knee gets its meaning by references to the absence of MaKOM..........................This is undoubtedly a prolonged procession of an infinite symbolic funeral; namely, an endless procession with the same funeral elements.
This is what the doubling of EReTz designated,
the sum-total of Measurement in MOED (appointed time). 
Here then, as we cross the border which separates EReTz from GaLUT; as we journey from the sacred into the profane, the action of Measurement is becoming a symbolic breathing in reverse. 
We have already called it, "Reading while Writing"; A desire to be a resident of GaLUT and at the same time to dwell with angels.
At this moment, "Reading while Writing" is neither ahead of EReTz nor behind GaLUT, by now it is an uncontrolled, unstable vibration which comes together with the residents of EReTz obsession to retell about the inconclusive hope to fulfill the promise of GaLUT. 
This then is the experience and the results of dwelling in EReTz, a state of mind which forms the unique illusion of being in a prolonged state of BEN HaShMaShOT (AUGENBLICK).

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Being touched by an Angel

The Origin of Philtrum: 
According to the TaLMUD BaVLeY, NIDaH (30b)...... a certain angel sits besides each and every fetus in their mother's womb.....and teaches them all the wisdom they will ever need to know. But when the child passes into the world, the same angel slaps the child just above the lips, creating vertical groove to be called PHILTRUM, and the child forget everything he learnt.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

A Letter to Albrecht Dürer, 1982

Dear Albrecht Dürer
Melencolia I
An artistic code is nothing but a certain outlook, that is to say: a summing up of disjoining and omission, or the erasure of the perfect Typography of the Other. For that reason the museum’s sphere cannot cope with tangible formation (articulation in which evil vegetates): it lacks the lucidity to decipher the destructive – negative. Which is an enigma, but the forms, bursting out from Germany, systematically lay bare the popular texts. Each of us may hark back to the treasures and values of his culture, but it is sufficiently wellknown that we have had to experience the legacy of the Third Reich. Not that this was the first split in our unity; on the contrary, it is by its moment of origin that we have come to understand that the esssence of the articulated can only be found exclusively in a reading of the accompanying text (not the aftermath, but the foundation), again rising up from a certain leading German post-expressionist art. Therefore, we cannot but point towards 
a sentimental link with the feverish brain of Luther > Dr > Faust > ergo, where human consciousness deviates from the natural forces because of its limited capacity to activate itself – ergo, the beginning of the secularization of Christianity – hence it is accurate to remark that the Other should be on guard: for when the principles behind the creative act are connected to a contemporary might, it may eventually revert humanity again to a state of upheaval / chaos. Certain German (contemporary) artists are continuing their chants. Is something similar happening with Luther? Can it be that the image of Luther
commands admiration (a tangible form therefore)? We should be aware of the danger of his convictions, for aside from the fact that he introduces the devil, he re-introduces the concept of predestination, eradicating free will in the process, as it were. However – it is and remains our seeking soul versus the apocalypse.
Joseph Semah, 1982