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Vleeshal, Meat Market BaYiT BaSaR בית בשר 1991

Vleeshal, Meat Market BaYiT BaSaR בית בשר 1991
In the sculpture "Vleeshal (meat market) BaYiT BaSaR בית בשר 1991", I have reduced an existing hall - de Vleeshal (meat market) in Middelburg, the Netherlands - into a model which then functions as a support for an inscription. What is particular about this inscription is the fact that it is made up by the joints between the geometrical blocks of which the sculpture is constructed (please note: the geometrical blocks are based on 6 Hebrew letters, בית בשר to be read as BaSaR BaYiT i.e., Vleeshal/meat market). The place is transformed into its name, a name which lives in the lacuna of the town. 

1991 Vleeshal (Correction III) BaYiT BaSaR בית בשר x900 x 380 x 19 cm, metal, bronze, 
(Collection Becht, Naarden)

KaPOReT כַּפֹּרֶת 1979

KaPOReT כַּפֹּרֶת 1979 

iron (Car Ramp), copper 50 x 130 x 40 cm  

One can learn much from this, for this is not a
contradiction; on the contrary, the Golden COVER is the source,
the designed image of כַּפֹּרֶת (KaPoReT);

(KaPoReT), Seat of Mercy, covering (lid) of the Holy Ark)
curtain. In the following examples we show the use of the verb כפר K.P.R.
in Torah, the Old Testament. KoFeR: A protective coating –
Genesis, Breshit 6:14. AChaPeRaH: A protection gift – Genesis,
Breshit 32:21. KeFoR: A covering of the ground – Exodus, Shemot
16:14. KoFeR: Protection money, the word used to describe a payment
which can be made in lieu of punishment, protection from punishment
- Numeri, Bamidbar 35:31. KaPoReT: A golden lid with two KeRUVIM,
Cherubs upon it, served as the cover for the Holy Ark – Exodus,
Shemot 25:17-22. The Hebrew word KiPUR is a derivative of the
biblical word כַּפֹּרֶת KaPoReT. The term Yom Kippur is commonly known as
the day of Atonement. Please Note: The word Atonement appears only
once in the King James Bible, the New Testament, Romans 5:11, and
more than 80 times in KJB, the Old Testament.

KaPOReT כַּפֹּרֶת 1979 iron (Car Ramp), copper 50 x 130 x 40 cm